„Living and working“ is an attempt to explore the idea of the artist-in-residency beyond its institutional framework. What does it actually mean to be a resident as an artist? The phrase “living and working” is a cultural symbol of power in every artist’s curriculum vitae, but the question of how a place actually influences artistic practice beyond the reproduction of cultural tropes often remains unanswered. With “living and working” the artists of gruppe uno wien (Albert Allgaier, Helmut Heiss, Seth Weiner) intend to explore the influence of the surroundings on artistic production while at the same time re-evaluating the act of being present. They will be joined in their explorations by four local artists Vsevolod Kovalevskij, Žilvinas Landzbergas, Lina Rukevičiūtė and Lina Zaveckytė who will contribute throughout the project on their own experience of Malonioji 6.

The structure of Malonioji 6 will act as an ideal place for their fieldwork: a traditional house that works as an exhibition space, with a garden as a membrane to the public. It juxtaposes the idea of the classical white cube, making it a well-suited site to go beyond the dichotomy of living and working. As part of daily life and artistic practice, interaction with the community becomes a method to incorporate the structure of the residency itself into our practice.

Text: Malonioji 6